September 9, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

Heidi Hatch is a very young musician, who shows tremendous promise to become a major artist in the world of music. It has been a privilege to have her study at Lark Conservatory as a violinist and music student. Indeed, she is the youngest person who has ever graduated from our institution with the highest honors.

Heidi is a quick learner, who possesses a God-given talent of extraordinary brilliance, excellent musicianship, and a facility in learning. She has demonstrated a quickness of mind in understanding music concepts and techniques of extreme difficulty, as well as strong instincts in performance. She has tackled with poise the most challenging repertoire for her instrument at a young age, and on stage, she has always dazzled her listeners with spectacular performances. Her artistic achievements have genuinely inspired both friends and teachers.

Ms. Hatch deserves our highest recommendation, she is capable of soaring the peaks of musical excellence, and will be an asset not only to her parents and teachers, but also to her community and the music world at large.


Vatsche Barsoumian
Director, "Lark" Conservatory